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Sanad is founded upon the trivium of ilm, tazkiya, and da’wah. These “three ways” or “three roads” are the acquisition of knowledge, application of knowledge, and sharing of knowledge.
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Sanad is a pro-active member of the community serving the needs of the elderly, Muslims with disabilities, as well as promoting access to education in developing countries.
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Sanad coordinates outreach relying on the Islamic tradition to promote friendship, understanding, and respect for new members of its community and amongst those of all faiths.
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Sanad Blog

SPML: Jummah is BIG deal

Sanad Prep Morning Lights Assemblies are done every morning at Sanad Prep. They serve as a reminder for students and staff. In this SPML assembly...
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From Mecca, With Love

Sanad Prep students with teacher, Habib Ubaydullah al Attas A photo posted by Sanad Trust Foundation (@sanadtrust) on May 9, 2016 at 1:45pm PDT...
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Virtues of Sha’ban & Welcoming Ramadan with Habib Ubaydullah al Attas

This is Habib Ubaydullah’s first official visit the United States, where he will be engaging in teaching, da’wah, and visiting...
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Richness does not come from an abundance of wealth

The Sanad Prep morning assembly today was based on the following Prophetic Hadith… لَيْسَ الْغِنى عَنْ كَثْرَةِ الْعَرَضِ وَ لكِنَّ الْغِنى...
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